Soo Yeon Jin

Jayanggao Hair Cleansing Treatment

70 kinds of Oriental Medicine. A total hair, scalp and roots shampoo and treatment.

70 kinds of Oriental Medicine

Material raised in pure clean area with the nature vitalities of Korea.


Maximizes origin effectiveness by vilifying medicinal herbs in bamboo for 3 days.


Curing the oriental material with royal jelly can refine the raw materials effectively.

Dual Care Cleansing & Treatment

Rich bubbles cleanses dust and scalp waste while makes hair shining and smooth.

Protection & Prevention

Enhances hair elasticity by providing 70 kinds of natural ingredients to the scalp.

Damaged Hair Recovery

Keeps hair shiny by supplying nutrition and moisture to dry damaged hair caused from dryness or colouring.

8 Total Care Solution

Scalp Purification / Hair Protection / Moisture Coating / Hair Fragrance / Hair Elasticity / Hair Shining /Hair Volume / Nutrition Supplement