Once upon a time…
Shiny, luscious, shampoo-commercial hair is the Holy Grail of female beauty. From salon treatments and styling products to dietary supplements and personal consultations, there are no lengths that women will not go to achieve an enviable crown.
However, lift the veil on these seemingly harmless methods and you’d find a plethora of hidden costs, literally and figuratively. A rising demand for all-natural solutions that combine both efficacy and affordability has sent hair care experts the world over scrambling for a miracle panacea.
Welcos decided to walk off the beaten path, discovering that the answer lied in the home remedies of old. In 2013, the Korean conglomerate launched Forest Story View Miracle Fermented Oil exclusively online sales. Although the line was a household success, it has remained just out of reach of local hands.
Until now.
What is the Magic?
Softness & Shine Reinforcement

Creates silky hair by preventing the loss of moisture and expresses brilliantly smooth hair by maintaining soft and shiny hair.

Hair Protection & Damage

Prevention Prevents the loss of moisture and protects hair against external harmful elements by covering abrasive hair with split hair protection layer to express shiny hair with moisture.

Restoration of Damaged Hair

Restores and regenerates the inside organization of extremely damaged hair with split ends for healthy and bouncy hair

The Recipe
Fermented Oils
Through a low-temperature fermentation process, these three types of highly nutritious oils become richer and provide deeper penetration.
Contains abundant natural vitamins and minerals, rehydrates and regenerates, protects against UV rays & improves hair texture.
Includes unsaturated fatty acids, tocopherol and provitamins, contains abundant antioxidants, moisturises and polishes.
Widely-recognised by the medical profession for its antioxidant, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, this tropical fruit can withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures without losing its Vitamin C content and is traditionally used to promote strong hair growth.
Includes tocopherol and amino acids, contains abundant Vitamins A and C, controls sebum production & rehydrates.
How Does The Magic Work?
Fermented Treatment Essential Oil
  • Provides that healthy natural sheen through the rich nutrients found in three types of oils and Indian Gooseberry extract.
  • Softens hair by smoothening damaged curves and strengthening inner fibres.
  • Mixes well with hair conditioner and body lotion.
  • Prevents dry and rough skin, hands and feet.
How to use?

Evenly apply to hair, taking a suitable amount onto wet or dry hair.

Fermented Oil Foaming Curl Essence
  • Transforms unsupple hair into silky strong curly locks through the rich nutrients found in three types of oils and Indian Gooseberry extract.
  • Maintains smooth curls by moisturising and untangling dishevelled hair.
  • Absorbs quickly for easy curl styling.
How to use?

Pump 2 to 3 times onto palms depending on hair. Evenly apply to
hair roots to tips to produce a desired style.

Miracle Fermented Oil Hair Mask
  • Removes split ends through the rich nutrients found in three types of oils and Indian Gooseberry extract.
  • Strengthens and elasticises hair.
  • Replenishes keratin.
How to use?

After shampooing, massage over hair mainly middle to tips and evenly apply.
Rinse off with water after 5 minutes.