More than 80% of its fruits are composed of unsaturated fatty acid oleic and linoleic acids. They are very curative to have moisturizing, anti-aging effects, prevent skin troubles and activate hair regeneration by protecting it by strengthening it.


The Natural Hair Care System
100% pure argan oil from Morocco hair care system. It contains twice vitamin E with moisturizing and anti-aging effects as compared to olive oil.



Immediate regeneration effect, provides care to your hair from the inside out : Intensively provides nutrition to extremely dry and damaged hair to naturally generate its cell structure and to keep healthy as original.
Volumizes & prevents drying your hair : Protects hair from heat by strengthening thin and weak hair in a healthy way, maintains and elastic styling.



Improves and regenerates structure of damaged cells inside the hair : Intensively provides nourishment to dry and damaged hair to naturally generate structure of hair damage. Keeping hair healthy as original.
Keep your hair silky and radiant : Recovers hair elasticity by supplementing nutritive components after shampooing to keep hair silky. It has an antistatic feature and repairing damaged areas on the surfaces of hair.



Rapid recovery of damaged hair : Repairs every part of the damaged hair texture to keep hair healthy as original.
Hair protection and damaged prevention : Builds hair protection barriers to prevent hair against damage.
Enhancing softness and providing remarkable silkiness : Makes rough hair texture silky and luminious by controlling water loss.



Soft and rich foams : Soft and rich foams cleanse the scalp without friction between hairs to keep your hair luminious and healhty.
Moist cleansing formula : Natural argan oil filled with anti-oxidative substances and essential fatty acid prevent water loss. Without drying hair and cleansing effect to keep hair moist.
Treatment ability to keep hair smooth and moist : Prevents hair from becoming heavy and effectively keeps hair soft.


Creates abundant volume natural curls: Natural waves are created and suprisingly.
Softer moisturizing effect: Protect and keeps hair glossy, soft and silky.
Healthy styling: Argan oil + Aloe are contained to keep hair moist from deep inside.
Argan Gold Treatment : Covers hair cuticles to prevent water loss and breakage. Rich nourishment of potanica proteins makes hair luminous, strong, moist and tangle free.
Argan Gold Treatment Hair Mist : Moisturizing substances penetrate deep into each hair, enriching them with nutrients to strengthen damaged & loosened hair. Replenishes back vital nutrients after shampooing hair.
Argan Damage Treatment : Supplies rich 100% pure argan oil nutrients to make dry and split hair back to its healhty form. Resulting an elastic and vibrant hair outlook for a long time.
The perfect mouisture and
protection system.