Bordeaux (one of the 3 major wine producers in France) wine contained:
Polyphenol and anthocyanin which have a powerful antioxidant effect not only provide rich
nourishment and moisture but also rapidly provide energy to tired skin due to foreign stress
to keep body firm and revitalized.
Italian Cannacia hot spring water contained:
Helps to provide care to inside and outside of skin at one time, and increases its own original
moisture to strengthen skin moisture ability to keep it moist and smooth.
After shampooing, massage over hair
mainly middle to tips and evenly apply.
Rinse off with water after 5 minutes.
Get dry after a shower or a bath.
Massage onto whole body. Evenly apply
to get absorbed.
Home Spa Body Care that can be enjoyed together with fermented Wine and
Pomegranate of magical fruit which is full of vitamin. The premium body care set makes the
dry skin hydrated and smooth by protecting the moisture loss of the skin, and provides the skin
with elasticity and brightening with fermented pomegranate extract and wine extract.
In ancient Persia, it was considered as a ‘fruit of wisdom’ or a ‘fruit of life’.
It has plenty of estrogen and keep the skin healthy and fine.
Pomegranate Lactobacillus fermented extract:
It manages the skin elastic with moisture and skin calming by the fermented extract
of vegetablity gained from pomegrante.
Apply an appropriate amount to a sponge
or a towel, make foam and apply it by
massaging the whole body before
rinsing with water.
Let it be absorbed by lightly spreading
an appropriate amount on the whole body
after taking shower or bath and drying
moisture from the body.