Body Buddy
Your body, best buddy

Body Buddy was established in Malaysia in year 2010 to provider the Malaysia consumers with high quality 100% made in Korea cosmetics, skincare and personal cares products exclusively from Welcos Co. Ltd.

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In the event of the Korean wave, it not just herald a wider appreciation for Korean pop culture, but also cultivated a taste for the East Asian nation’s language, customs, technology, cuisine, and most of all, aesthetic.

Korean beauty products are available all around the world but not much saw the opportunity in Malaysia back when the wave started. We saw how Korean products could benefit to consumers locally and their dedication by putting so much research and development in their beauty products. We saw the strong bond and thus we became the company that helps to connect the dots.

Since its inception in 2010, our professionally-run company has bridged Malaysian consumers to the finest cosmetic and personal care goods direct from Korea. We are the one-stop centre for Korean beauty giant Welcos’ wide range of products, running the gamut from shower gels and body cleansers to BB creams and facial masks.

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Their products compatibility to the Asian skin and adherence to high international standards quickly won over fans of Korean beauty merchandise both old and new alike. Body Buddy has made its presence felt in the bathroom shelves and dressing tables of the fashionably-discerning; with specialty shops, health centers and spas rounding off the list of our most loyal clients.

While we have enjoyed great success, we believe that nothing is ever too good that cannot be made better. In our mission to stake our place in the industry, we strive to constantly bring only the best cosmetic and personal care products to local shores, with a view to expanding our repertoire beyond our flagship brand.

There are exciting days ahead. No matter what the future holds, Body Buddy is guaranteed to have a place in it.

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